Welcome to Sound Works Transylvania

We're a producer of sound for games and movies and a music recording and post production facility located in the heart of Romania. By combining music creation capabilities with in-house technical facilities we've built a working environment and work flow that allow us to handle multiple projects at the same time and involve large groups of live musicians, while remaining surprisingly agile.

" We are new to you, yet offer a life time of experience. We are Sound Works Transylvania!"

We offer the full service experience that starts with the presentation of your concept and ends with us delivering the completed product. Or we act as a facilitator, complementary to your own production capabilities, helping out with one or more of the many phases involved in making music for games and movies or producing and recording artists.

SWT Got Tallent

Our geographical location gives us access to a pool of top notch musicians and technicians and allows us to offer world class services and products at a price point that will satisfy even the most budget-conscious indie or multinational.

Thanks to the two regional airports in our immediate vicinity we can be easily reached from a multitude of European cities, which makes collaborating with Sound Works Transylvania as easy as can be.